Tell me about your shopping habits

On weekdays, my mother does the shopping for the family. She buys daily goods, such as bread and rolls (bakery products), milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt (dairy products), eggs and chocolate. However, at weekends I always help my mum with the shopping. I often go to small shops or groceries, because the food is fresher and the atmosphere is friendlier there. I know the shop assistants and I can have a small conversation with them. One problem people have with small groceries is that the range of goods is very limited. Another major disadvantage is that these shops tend to be quite pricy. But sometimes I go to bigger supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores, because they are cheaper and they have a wider choice. I normally buy meat products, cold cuts, sweets, drinks and toiletries there. I shop for clothes at bigger shopping centres/malls, because they are cheaper and you can find all kinds of styles there. People prefer bigger shopping facilities, because they may be cheaper and the range of goods is wider. However, these shops are very impersonal and rural people may have to travel a lot to these places. It is better to go shopping with friends, because I don’t get bored, and they can help me choose the best dress. Oh, before I forget! I really hate standing in the line/queue at the till/cash register. And I always pay in cash, because my parents never let me pay by credit card.

do the shopping bevásárolni
daily goods mindennapos termékek
bakery products pékáru
dairy products tejtermékek
help somebody with something valakinek valamiben segíteni
groceries kisboltok
atmosphere hangulat
shop assistant eladó
limited range of goods limitált árukészlet
major disadvantage főbb hátrány
department store nagyáruház (osztályokból álló)
wider choice szélesebb kínálat
meat products húsáru
cold cuts felvágottak
toiletries piperecikkek
shopping center / mall pláza, bevásárlóközpont
shopping facilities vásárló létesítmények
impersonal személytelen
rural people vidéki emberek
stand in the line / queue sorban állni (US/UK)
till / cash register pénztárgép
pay in cash készpénzben fizetni
pay by credit card kártyával fizetni