Cyber crimes

Cyber criminals are among us. You would never even suspect that someone is logged into your Facebook and reads all your messages. They can get valuable information about you and they can even steal things from you. Sometimes they don't need to hack your account, maybe they just steal things you post on your website, and try to make money using something you have made. Below is a list of typical online dangers, but beware, there is always a new method, so make sure you keep your accounts safe!


Phishing is a way to acquire information. It happens in electronic communication. The goal of phishers is to break into your bank account in order to get your money. They send you emails, or links of websites. They make you believe they are emailing you from a bank, and they ask you to give them your personal data, for example your credit card number. If they know your number, they use different hacking softwares to get your pin numbers. If they know your pins and passwords, they have an access to your money.


Phishing mostly happens by spams. Spams are unwanted emails. Spammers advertise different products on the internet, and these advertisements reach a large number of people.

Online abusers

The word “abuse” means to hurt somebody physically or emotionally. In the past, abuse happened face-to-face, by letters or phone calls. Today, in the world of the internet, abusers use social networking sites. The most popular victims are young children. Internet pedophiles endanger their lives. They disguise themselves as somebody else (another young child, etc), and easily get the young children’s phone numbers or even addresses. So be very careful about who you contact on Facebook!

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