Single-sex vs. coeducational schools:

For many children, being together with the other gender is a very important factor, especially as they age. Let's see what is thought to be good or bad about single-sex or coeducational education.

Single-sex schools

  • students can focus on their studies instead of the other gender
  • shy kids can be calmer this way, because many fears come from uncertainty about how to treat the other gender, and they could do a better job at school
  • sometimes many kids can’t handle their hormones when the opposite sex is around
  • boys and sometimes even girls can be too loud to get attention, and this might be reduced
  • despite all the advantages, there are certain cons as well:
  • kids may not learn how to socialize with the other gender, so they might have fear when they want to start a relationship in the future
  • all-boys schools may trigger aggressive behaviour – many boys may want to be the toughest guy in school
  • students may not study because they miss the opposite sex and therefore lose their motivation
  • friends will make fun of them or call them losers because they don’t have the chance to be around the other gender

Coeducational schools:

  • when both genders are together, students may learn how to socialize with boys or girls, and this can lead to more successful relationships in the future
  • it is natural to be surrounded by both genders, and the lack of it might cause weird feelings in students
  • boys can teach girls about science subjects, while girls can teach boys about literature and history (stereotype indeed!)
  • we have to admit that dating is a defining factor in kids' lives as they grow up, so being able to interact with the other gender is often just what they need
  • however both genders can go crazy about the others, so they have a chance to be distracted from learning
  • shy kids can develop inferiority complex, because their mates have no difficulty talking to boys or girls
  • stronger students, especially boys may bully other boys, who are not popular with the girls
Magyarul Angolul
összpontosítani valamire focus on something
bizonytalanság uncertainty
kezelni a hormonjaikat handle their hormones
figyelmet kapni get attention
szocializálódni socialize with
a másik nem the other/opposite gender/sex
előidézni trigger
körülvesz valaki/valami to be surrounded by
reál tárgyak science subjects
randizni, együtt járni to date
meghatározó tényező defining factor
kommunikálni valakivel interact with
elvonja valami a figyelmét to be distracted from
kisebbségi komplexus alakul ki develop inferiority complex
piszkálni, terrorizálni bully