The comfort of your home - Teleworking

I think it is safe to say that every one of us thinks at least sometimes about how great it would be to do our jobs or studies from our own armchairs. Whereas it was a topic of constant daydreaming in the past, today it can only be a few clicks away. We call it teleworking, and it means you do your job on a computer at home. You have to keep in touch with your superiors on the internet, and you only need to show up in person for big meetings at the company headquarters once in a blue moon. While it occasionally sounds like a dream to work from your own bedroom, it may have certain drawbacks as well, so be careful before you make the big change.

These are only a few of the cons, the list could go on and on.

  • you can save time and money, as you don't need to travel to your workplace, and it's hard to be late
  • you can do your job comfortably from your home, so you can have a better work-life balance
  • you can avoid rush-hour traffic jams and crowded buses, so the quality of your life may change for the better
  • it gives you the opportunity take care of the household while you work
  • it is especially beneficial for maternity-leave mothers, because they can work and make money while they take care of their baby
  • companies don’t have to spend money on overhead costs, so they can give higher salaries to their workers and reduce prices
  • you can be flexible about when you want to work
  • you can improve your focus on work, so your productivity can increase
  • you schedule your time, so you can have more hobbies, or even travel whenever you want - you just need a laptop and a plane ticket

Let's just say that teleworking is not for everybody! You need a certain character to enjoy this lifestyle. Here's what can go wrong about it:

  • there is a lack of social interaction - it can be extremely lonely to work at home on your own
  • you might not become a part of a company culture, and making work-friends is also very hard
  • you might get isolated from society - your social skills can change for the worse, you may become too introverted
  • your daily routine might get out of hand, which means you may stay up at night and sleep during the day and this can be harmful to your health
  • you may be required to purchase expensive technological equipment
  • the lack of a boss and colleagues may take your motivation and you can get fired eventually
  • having to work on computers all the time can damage your eyes and your back
  • if there is a blackout or the internet is down, you can’t do your job



a few clicks away

néhány kattintásnyira

keep in touch

kapcsolatot tartani

once in a blue moon


change for the better




maternity-leave mother

GYES-en lévő anyuka

overhead costs


be flexible about

rugalmasan kezelni

improve your focus

javítani a figyelmedet

schedule your time

beosztani az idődet

lack of social interaction

társas interakció hiánya

get isolated from society

elszigetelődni a társadalomtól

to be required to

elvárnak valamit





change for the worse


get fired

kirúgva lenni


befelé forduló

increase productivity

termelékenységet növelni

get out of hand

irányíthatatlanná válik