Trains, buses or cars?


-trains are not involved in road traffic so they are not affected by traffic jams or accidents

-trains offer more seats than buses so you can avoid standing all the way

-trains are more comfortable and you can use the bathroom

-trains are environmentally-friendly and in many countries they are cheap

-trains have a reputation to be very dirty

-you often have to transfer if you want to get to more distant destinations

-extreme weather conditions may cause breakdowns so your train may often be delayed

-you have to wait long hours if you miss your transfer

-older trains are noisy, hot in the summer and freezing cold in winter

-railroad tracks can be deformed in hot weather and trains can be derailed

-trains often lack safety and you can hear stories of people being insulted while travelling


-if you are too lazy, you don’t have to walk, local buses may take you everywhere

-in winter it is mostly very hot on buses

-modern buses offer wifi connection so you can use the internet

-buses are foster environmental protection because they reduce road traffic, and the lower number of cars is good for the environment (they help to fight air pollution)

-buses may be too crowded and there aren’t enough vacant seats

-if you always travel by buses, you are bound to the bus schedule

-in more secluded places bus traffic might be too limited

-in case of an epidemic, you can catch contagious illnesses, as you are exposed to viruses on buses due to the close proximity to people

-people are very often impolite and impatient on buses - it can be very irritating when someoen doesn't let you sit next to them


-cars are by far the most comfortable means of transport because you don't have to depend on any timetable

-if you travel by cars, you are less threatened by weather conditions

-it is less stressful and you don’t have to worry about vacant seats

-you can listen to your own music and you can sleep when you don’t drive

-you set your own pace, you just have to stick to the driving code

-cars cause heavy traffic and too many cars on the same road lead to traffic jams

-too many cars increase air-pollution and might contribute to smog and many asthmatic illnesses

-they release toxic fumes and lots of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide)

-they are one of the top causes of global warming

-stupid as it sounds, but purchasing a car is the cheapest part of the story - increasing gas/petrol prices and horrendous maintenance costs are making car ownership nearly a luxury