All you need to know about fashion

-Fashion refers to a lot of different factors, such as clothing, accessories, makeup and even behavior

-Fashion means that something is popular with a large number of people at a period of time

-Every single subculture has its own distinctive fashion (you can realise a person’s subculture by judging their appearance – punk, rocker, scientist…)

-Fashion has been present throughout history – even ancient societies (Romans, Greeks or Egyptians) had their own trends

-Fashion has always been in a constant movement – it changes very rapidly

Why does fashion always change?

-Fashion changes indicate how a society or culture changes

-For instance the appearance of the mini-skirt in the 1960s indicated that people changed their minds about women

-World events determine trends – the hippy culture was very popular in the 1970s and their fashion trends (including clothing, behavior, symbols…) dominated the world of fashion

-Fashion experts say there is nothing new under the sun – it is impossible to make new fashion, fashion recycles itself

-Economic conditions also shape fashion trends – in time of a crisis, people will wear cheap and simple clothes, but when the economy is booming, people spend more on good quality clothes

-Fashion often expresses rebellion against social rules – super-mini skirt, female-patterned male clothes, etc

-Fashion expresses where you belong, your financial status, political beliefs, state of mind, identity, music style

-There are clothes which never go out of fashion (jeans, skirts, t-shirts…), and wearing these items always radiates self-confidence

-If you keep up with fashion constantly, some psychologists say it is because you have low self-confidence