Technological development - disadvantages

  • people are getting extremely dependent on electronic devices
  • countless younger and even older people are addicted to the internet, which they use on computers and smartphones, and it damages their eyes
  • many people use their smartphones even when they are together with their friends, so they jeopardise their relationships
  • the internet is loaded with a lot of harmful content, which can disturb people's inner peace
  • your PC can get infected by viruses which may badly damage or even destroy your computer, steal your personal data and install unwanted softwares
  • a vast number of people become addicted to adult sites, which can cause serious problems in their later life
  • GPS softwares might take you to toll roads by accident, so you may have to pay an extra fee
  • social media sites too heavily dominate people’s existence and they miss out on real life
  • televisions and the internet often take time away from doing sports, so may end up being an overweight couch potato
  • social media sites trigger jealousy, because you can see who likes whose photos and statements
  • you lose all your privacy, and people will always know what you do
  • your telephone often rings at the wrong time, for example when you are on a date, at the cinema or at the cash register or till

be extremely dependent on extrém függőségbe kerülni
damage károsítani
jeopardise veszélyeztetni
be loaded with el van árasztva
harmful content káros tartalom
disturb inner peace megzavarja a belső békét
get infected megfertőződni
install unwanted softwares nem kívánt szoftvereket telepít
adult sites felnőtt (többnyire pornográf) oldalak
toll roads fizetős út
by accident véletlenül
social media sites közösségi oldalak
dominate existence uralja a létezésüket
miss out on kimaradni valamiből
take time away from elveszi az időt valamitől
couch potato "dívány krumpli", lusta, TV-függő
trigger jealousy féltékenységet idéz elő
lose privacy elveszteni a magánéletet
at the wrong time rosszkor
on a date randin lenni
cash register/till pénztárgép