Technological development - advantages

  • the 20th and 21st centuries have produced a huge number of technological innovations
  • the most meaningful ones are the television, radio, computer, mobile phone and the internet
  • all these devices have made people’s life easier and more comfortable
  • computers make studying and working simpler, and they also serve as a great way to spend your free time
  • you can look for information on the internet, watch films, listen to music and you can also keep in touch with people in your life
  • you can carry your laptop anywhere you want to and this enables you to do your job even when you are on the go
  • you can buy smartphones, whose touch-screens make them very similar to a computer, and you can work on it, browse the net and also keep in contact with people
  • GPS softwares and devices can direct you anywhere you want to go, so you can’t get lost any more
  • the latest smartphones offer healthcare applications which can warn you in case of high blood pressure or abnormal heart rate
  • you can build great relationships online which may be used for your career
  • you can do your job, inform people about events, or get notified about happenings while you are away
  • you can communicate instantly with anybody on the net, regardless of where they live, the world is becoming a huge global village (people talk to each other, and there is a common language which everybody speaks)

innovation újítás
meaningful jelentős
device készülék
serve as valamiként szolgál
keep in touch/contact with kapcsolatot tartani
be on the go úton lenni
smartphone okostelefon
touch-screen érintőképernyő
browse the net böngészni a neten
healthcare application egészségügyi alkalmazás
high blood pressure magas vérnyomás
abnormal heart rate szokatlan szívverés
inform / get notified about informálni / informálódni valamiről
communicate instantly azonnali kommunikálás
common language közös nyelv