Pingvines szókincs angolul - B1 - 2015

This story comes with a warning.


At the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium, the female penguins sit on 11 nesting rings.

Meanwhile the male penguins scour the ice in search of pebbles.

The smoother the better - which they present as a love token - to their desired female.

This romantic story isn't a simple one. These penguins are notorious for their mischievous behaviour - and steal pebbles from neighbouring nests - pawning them off as their own!

The bird manager at the Sealife Melbourne Aquarium said the courting behaviour starts with a bow followed by singing. They then go about the ritual of collecting and presenting pebbles until they lay their eggs.

Who would have thought it, no need for chocolates - a smooth pebble will melt the heart of a desired penguin!

Word Szó
warning figyelmeztetés
cute aranyos
alert riasztás
male hímnemű
female nőstény
meanwhile ezalatt
to scour súrolni, dörzsölni
token zseton
mischievous pajkos
behaviour viselkedés
to steal lopni
nest fészek
courting udvarlás
bow meghajlás
to lay an egg tojást tojni
Who would have thought it? Ki gondolta volna
smooth sima
desired kívánt, vágyott
penguin pingvin
to collect gyűjteni