Érettségis olvasási feladat angolból - középszint

Read this advice on how to use the mobile phone in public. Your task is to complete the text from the list following it. There is an extra letter you do not need. Write the letters in the boxes as shown in the example.


Use your mobile phone the polite way and set an example for others with these helpful guidelines:

Respect the people around you when you make or take calls in public. You can also be polite to the people with you by asking their permission to

If you care about who you are communicating with,

Use your phone's vibra feature in public places, such as business meetings, schools, restaurants, theaters or sporting events. If you're expecting a call,

When it's a bad time or place to take a call, for example while you're in a meeting or at a performance,

Don’t start talking, until you are

Keep your conversations (6)

Use your cell phone to help others. More than 100,000 calls a day are made to 911 and other emergency numbers by mobile phone users who

Some places, such as hospitals or airplanes, do not allow the use of mobile phones, so

Tell your friends and family members that you are practicing new wireless phone etiquette rules and discuss cell phone rules with them.

A) find a good location to talk.

B) at least 10 to 15 feet away from others.

C) leave the room.

D) keep the phone in your bag.

E) turn your phone off.

F) report crimes and emergencies.

G) follow posted signs and instructions.

H) quiet and brief.

I) make or take a call.

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