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• Use only one word in each gap.

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Explore the world’s most cosmopolitan city with London’s oldest sightseeing company using open-top double-decker buses. With half a century’s experience we like to think that we have got (0) it right. And we are sure you’ll enjoy your time (1) us. Here is why:
• Our tour routes are the most comprehensive way to see (2) best London has to offer including the panoramic views (3) seven bridges, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square…
• There (4) a full commentary in English and a choice of six other languages.
• Unlike some other companies, your tickets (5) completely unrestricted. You can travel on any of our tour buses. Each route includes frequent stops – simply hop off (6) you want to and return to the same stop to continue your tour.
• We strongly recommend that first timers start the tour at one of (7) main departure points where our staff can provide advice about traffic conditions and final departure times. You may then choose (8) stay on the bus for a complete tour or hop on and hop off at your leisure.
• Tickets are valid (9) the same time the following day. Ask our staff when you should board your last bus of the day as times vary seasonally throughout the year.