7 steps to overcome sleeping difficulties

1. Do everything according to your body's natural rhythm. Try to go to bed at exactly the same time every day. Don't take a nap in the evening and try to stay awake when you feel sleepy after dinner.

2. Control your exposure to light. Try to spend as much time in bright sunlight during the day as possible. Don't shut the drapes when light comes in during the day. During the night, try to stay away from screens, including smartphones and televisions. This way your brain will understand that it is time to fall asleep.

3. This won't be a surprise: exercise can cure insomnia. Make sure you do some sports during the day, as this can help producing sleep-hormones. Be careful, however about when you do sports. If it is too close to bedtime, it can confuse your brain and keep you awake longer.

4. Eat and drink in a smart way. Cut down on caffeine during the whole day, as it can cause sleep problems for up to 12 hours. Don't eat big meals for dinner and in case you get hungry, just eat a banana or a light sandwich. Drinking alcohol can also damage your sleep quality.

5. Try to reduce your stress level in the evening hours. Accept that problems can only be solved tomorrow and try to let go of them for the night. Try breathing and meditation techniques, or get a short massage, if possible. The best technique against stress is reading in a comfortable bed by a soft light. A good book will make you sleepy, just make sure you start sleeping even when exciting things are happening.

6. Try to create the most perfect sleep environment: although your budget is limited, you can buy great mattresses for lower prices. Keep the noise down and keep the room cool, as too hot temperature can wake you up. Sleep in a bed that you only use for sleeping and romantic activities. If you lie all day in the same bed where you sleep, your brain won't understand if you should sleep now, or stay up.

7. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, stay calm and don't fight your body to fall back at sleep. Try to relax by reading something, and stay away from screens.