10 reasons to quit your job

1. Your ideas are rejected, or not even listened to or paid attention to

2. No one says thank you for your efforts, or shows any form of appreciation

3. You don't feel you have a purpose with this job, you merely go to work only because you have to

4. There are no challenges involved that you could be excited about and look forward to

5. While you are never thanked for what you've done, you immediately get criticised when you've made a tiny mistake

6. You feel you only work your head off to boost the reputation of your boos

7. You feel left out, and nobody stops to have quick chat with you about casual, non-work related topics, such as family, football or shopping

8. You think the future doesn't hold high hopes for you, such as a pay rise or promotion -

9. When nobody else shares your dreams and aspirations

10. When you get so stuck doing your job, that you cannot even think of doing something else - keep a few doors open in case something happens in the future